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Statement of Faith
Bible references in parentheses are listed below.

God is triune, that is, three persons (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) (1) in One. He exists forever (2), is all-powerful (3), knows all things (4), is present everywhere (5), is holy (can do nothing wrong) (6), and is in control of all creation* and history (6B).

God created the heavens and the earth* and living beings from nothing (7). Animals have no soul, but are to be respected.

God created Adam and Eve in His image, with souls, so that they could worship God (8). God told Adam and Eve to rule over animals and take care of creation and have many children (9).

Adam and Eve sinned or rebelled against God after they were tempted by the (10). God then condemned them to die (11). All people since Adam and Eve have sinned, and thus die (12).

The ands are spiritual beings (angels) that rebelled against God (13). The ands have powers and give somees and warlocks the ability to do miracles or have great strength. God specifically commands people againstcraft and usinges and warlocks to help them (14).

God sent His Son, Jesus, to become an actual man (15). He lived a perfect life (16) and died as a sacrifice to pay for humanityís sins (17). He rose bodily from theand went back to heaven (18).

Anyone who believes in Jesus and receives Him into his/her heart has his/her sins forgiven and becomes a son or daughter of God (19). He or she goes to heaven after (20). He/she is a Christian and has the Holy Spirit come into his/her heart (21).

God inspired the Bible to teach us the truth about Himself, people, creation and history (21b). Since God is infallible, the Bible is also without error and can be used without reservation to lead and guide you in your life.

God will end history (22), destroy the earth (23) and will judge all people (24). Those who havenít believed in Him and accepted his sacrifice for their sins will be condemned to everlasting punishment (25). The devil and all demons will also suffer everlasting punishment (26).

Godís daughters and sons will be given perfect bodies (27) and will live forever (28), enjoying heaven and a perfect new earth (29).

References from the Bible:
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28. 1Thessalonians 4:17.
29. Revelation 21:1-6

*No evolution took place. [Almost all archaeological evidence points against evolution. If you would like to see some of this evidence, check the topic on Creation Versus Evolution].

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