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Why 4Wisdom.org?
As the wise men sought Jesus, seek wisdom from God
People are now very busy and harried and stressed out. This is especially true for families with both husband and wife working. These time pressures and life situations have lead to many problems in marriages and child rearing. Itís difficult to get good advice or information especially when you are short of time. People donít have the time to read a lot of books or find which book might be most helpful for them. Publishing or bookselling sites only offer categories of books and offer many books with the main purpose being to sell books.

4Wisdom.org helps people solve their problems by providing some immediate answers to specific problems through excerpts from books and literature. 4Wisdom.org also makes it possible to immediately order some of the best books and literature on the topics presented, without the expense and time required to go to a bookstore or look up an appropriate online bookstore. Basswood Books also provides resources and insight on how to handle time pressures better and live life with peace and calm and make it count to the fullest.

We can provide unique help to people because we have chosen books from many different publishers or sources, not necessarily what we have published. Our business is not to provide as many books as possible for sale, or to sell as many books as we can. Instead, we have distilled down for people which are the key books that we think provide the best information and help.

Through the wisdom presented in 4Wisdom.org we hope that people will move into a whole new way of living, by having their problems resolved. We hope that they can be stronger to handle their future problems better and make their lives count.
We're here to help you!

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