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As the wise men sought Jesus, seek wisdom from God
Communicating With God Guide
This topic is set up to first of all help you communicate to God through prayer and then through His Word, the Bible. It then follows with a section on good study Bibles. Finally, there is a section on how to communicate with God through worship. Just click on the topics below for information and click on the gold key to order the key book.

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Becoming a Prayer Warrior
by Elizabeth Alves
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Becoming A Prayer Warrior is a book on prayer that starts with the basics, and gets into some of the deepest areas of communicating with God and listening to what he has to say to you. This books begins by discussing why we should pray, basic teaching on prayer and the types of prayer that there is. Then, the book tells you how to hear Godís voice and how to develop a journal to record what God has said to you.

Becoming A Prayer Warrior's next section covers the spiritual battle that we are in and the weapons that are available to a Christian to fight the battle. The book closes with an excellent section containing guides to praying for others and praying various sections of scripture for others.

If you want to discern Godís voice, draw close to Him and then help others through prayer, then Becoming A Prayer Warrior is the book for you!

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