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Communicating with God through Worship
As the wise men sought Jesus, seek wisdom from God
When you worship God, you communicate with Him in a special way through your mind, soul and spirit. We hope the following information lights a fire in your soul to worship and adore your Father and Creator and to help your church worship better also. Click on the title of the books/information below to order it and have it delivered to your home.
Created to Praise
By Rev. Derek Prime
You donít know how to praise God, or praising God has become dull and a secondary part of your Christian life.

Derek Prime explains how praising God is humanityís chief purpose. He follows by explaining what praise is preoccupied with. Created to Praise then describes how song and prayer ignite and lift up prayer.

This book follows with section on how to praise God at various times of your life, such as the ordinary times, the very difficult times and even during death. Created to Praise is capped off with a wonderful chapter on what praising God will be like in heaven.

If you want your life as a Christian improved and transformed, then read Created to Praise and make praising God the focus of your life.
Worship Evangelism
By Sally Morgenthaler
This book is a wonderful guide in our modern day world to help pastors, worship leaders and musicians in the leading of worship for the church. This book helps pastors, worship leaders and musicians to understand how worship music can be used to help unbelievers and believers in Christ experience God. This book has been well researched and includes interviews from four worship leaders around the country that give practical advice. This book also includes a song selection process to help determine cross-cultural selections. This will aid you in determining how to rate songs and choose ones that will meet the needs of your congregation and those people it is trying to reach.

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