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Counseling/Helping Others Guide
The average Christian can do far more than they think to encourage and counsel others. Yet, a sense of inadequacy, lack of training and fear hinders many from accomplishing much through simple acts of caring. We hope this section provides information that will energize and enable you to step out in faith and give the gift of encouragement and wise counsel to others. Just click on the topics below for information and click on the gold key to order the key book.
Give the gift of encouragement
Give the gift of encouragement

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Give the gift of encouragement
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When Someone Asks for Help
by Everett L. Worthington Jr.
Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology
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A friend has just come to you and shared her deep problems. How can you best help her? After all, you donít have any training in counseling. Should you give advice or just listen? When Someone Asks for Help trains you so you can counsel and help others with confidence. First, this book presents a model for Christian helping and teaches the skills of an effective helper. He provides excellent examples illustrating how to listen. Then Everett Worthington provides a five-step process to help you understand what is happening in your friendsí lives and help focus their lives and set goals for solving their problems. Those stages are: Understanding your friendís problem (and messages that donít help) and showing you understand. The second stage is helping your friend rethink the problem. The third stage is planning for change. The fourth stage is supporting your friend as he or she enacts that plan for change. The final stage is follow-up.

Throughout this book there are detailed examples and mock counseling sessions to help you learn counseling skills. Finally, a case study is given at the end to verify that you are ready to counsel and help others.

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