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Creation Now!
As the wise men sought Jesus, seek wisdom from God
This section provides you with basic information about the wonder and complexity of life on this world now, and how it all points to the Creator. Click on the title of the books/movies below to order it and have it delivered to your home.
The Wonders of God's Creation
by Moody Institute of Science Films
How can a salmon find it’s way home—even to a hatchery?! How do some plants and trees grow and reproduce in some near-miraculous ways? How does the human body function, with it’s unparalleled complexity and magnificent brain? These are some of the topics covered in: “The Wonders of God’s Creation” movie series. This series is split into three parts: “Plant Life”, “Animal Life” and “Human Life: Crown of Creation”. Each movie is approximately 33 minutes long and provides a great glimpse of creation. It is hard to finish these movies and not believe that God miraculously created the life we see around us. Both children and adults will enjoy these movies!
Journeys to the Edge of Creation:
Our Solar System and The Milky Way and Beyond
By Moody Institute of Science Fi
These films show the marvel and beauty of God’s creation in the planet and the stars. One cannot watch these films without being in wonder of all that is beyond our planet. This is a great introductory film into astronomy and how the heavens proclaim God’s glory.

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