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We hope this section helps you understand that the evidence from fossils supports the creation model more than the evolution model of thinking. Click on the title of the books/information below to order it and have it delivered to your home.
Evolution: the Fossils STILL Say No!
by Duane T. Gish, Ph.D.
Problem: The “fact” of evolution discredits the Genesis account of creation

This book describes the creation and evolution models for how life came into being on the Earth. Dr. Gish then systematically shows how fossils support the creation model. This is done for every supposed step of evolution such as single cell to multi-cell animals, invertebrates to fish, fish to amphibians, etc.

What is especially effective about this book is that Dr. Gish extensively uses quotations from evolutionists to support his case. He summarizes his book by presenting powerful arguments against new evolutionary ideas, which are trying to explain the embarrassing and complete lack of transitional life forms in the fossil record.

Basic to Advanced Book on the topic.

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