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Bring on the popcorn and snuggle in for some movie time fun! We hope that the movies below provide some wholesome, entertaining times for you and your family. Just click on the title of a movie below to order it and have it sent directly to your home.
God richly supplies us with all things to enjoy
The Omega Code
“The Omega Code” is a fast-moving science-fiction thriller about the end of the world. In the movie, linguists have uncovered most of a code for unlocking the Bible’s prophecies for the end of the world. But the final piece of the code is still missing. The movie weaves in the story of the hero and his spiritual odyssey and troubled marriage. “The Omega Code” moves to a fast, tense climax with crossing and double-crossing as various groups try to get the final piece of the Omega Code and political forces unite to rule the world.

It should be noted that due to some violence and realism, “The Omega Code” is not suitable for young children.

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