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We hope this section provides information that enables you to gain control of your finances now, so your financial future will be better and so you can take care of the next generation. Just click on the title of the book/information below to order it and have it sent directly to your home.
Fix your hope on God Who richly supplies us....
Family Financial Workbook
by Larry Burkett
“The Family Financial Workbook” is a great book, because it has no fluff. With a few, simple, clear, direct chapters the book can be read in a few hours and the start of a new financial situation for your life can begin. The book starts by laying out some key questions so that a husband and wife (or single person) can determine what their family and spiritual goals are. With this plan and understanding in place, it is possible to then begin proper financial planning which is a subset of that family plan.

The book moves into chapters, which talk about the need to pray and ask for God’s guidance about financial decisions and how to determine the difference between needs, wants and desires. It then covers the need for having a budget. “The Family Financial Workbook” then sets you on a firm path to setting a budget by first helping you determine where you are at financially and how you are spending your money.

The book then helps you set a budget by using your current spending and a guideline budget followed by concrete examples on how to change your spending patterns. The book follows with a chapter on making your budget work, by proper allocation and tracking of your money expenditures. The book closes with great chapters on budget challenges and money saving tips and a list of financial resources.

What makes this book even better, is it’s workbook format, which helps you to write down and define your situation and plans, and has many forms to use in practically setting up and executing your budget. “The Family Financial Workbook” even includes a CD-ROM, which can be used in conjunction with the book to set up your budget easily, on your computer.
Fix your hope on God Who richly supplies us....

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