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Basic Christian Beliefs
As the wise men sought Jesus, seek wisdom from God
This section provides information on basic Christian doctrines and beliefs. It will help you understand what you are becoming involved with, if you become a Christian. Just click on the title of the book/information below to investigate ordering it and have it sent directly to your home.
God so loved the world that He gave His only Son
Basic Christianity
by Rev. John Stott
Problem: Maybe Christianity interests you. But you donít want to take a blind leap of faith to become a Christian. Or perhaps Jesus Christ really intrigues you. But you donít know much about His claims or life. Perhaps youíre questioning what does it really mean to become a Christian? Basic Christianity could be a good book for you to read.

In his book, Basic Christianity John Stott respectfully helps a person who is thinking about Christianity. He gives an excellent overview of key Christian doctrines. He provides historical information supporting the Christian faith. He explains who Jesus was and what He came to do.

Basic Christianity is also very practical. If the reader wants to, John Stott tells her or him how to become a Christian. He also shares beginning steps for living life as a Christian.
God so loved the world that He gave His only Son

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