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Philosophical Evidence for Christianity
As the wise men sought Jesus, seek wisdom from God
This section provides philosophical information that provides a rational basis for Christianity. It will help you understand that you don't need to give up your intellect if you become a Christian. There are also answers to some of the difficult questions that may be keeping you from becoming a Christian. Just click on the title of the book/information below to investigate ordering it and have it sent directly to your home.
God so loved the world that He gave His only Son
Reason to Believe
by Dr. R.C. Sproul
PROBLEM: You are interested in Christianity but have some difficult, legitimate questions, which hold you back from following God, and no one seems to have an answer for them.

R.C. Sproul provides in-depth answers to some of the most difficult religious questions that people ask. He doesn’t give brief, pat answers but spends a chapter answering each question. The book covers the following questions: “The Bible Contradicts Itself. It’s Just a Fairy Tale.” “All Religions are Good. It Doesn’t Matter What you Believe.” “What about the Poor Native Who Never Heard of Christ?” “Christianity is a Crutch for Weak People.” “The Church is Full of Hypocrites.” “I Don’t Need Religion.” “There is No God!” “If There is a God Why Is There So Much Evil in the World?” “Why Does God Allow Suffering?” “When You’re Dead You’re Dead! There is no More!”

What makes this book extra helpful is that it has clear explanations and a great summary of key points to remember at the end of every chapter. This book will help you come to grips with the questions that have been bothering you.
God so loved the world that He gave His only Son
Reason Enough
(A Case for the Christian Faith)
By Clark H. Pinnock
You have an interest in following Jesus but don’t want to sacrifice you intellect or reasoning to do so.

Reason Enough puts clearly puts forth the case that there are ample reasons to support a thinking person’s faith. Clark Pinnock presents five different areas of reasoning that provide a basis for faith in Christ: Pragmatic (or practical), Experiential, the Cosmic or Natural, Historical and Community. The book closes with a helpful section on dealing with doubt.
God so loved the world that He gave His only Son

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