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Exercise Manual
As the wise men sought Jesus, seek wisdom from God
The following are some suggestions on how to organize and use a journal or “exercise manual” as God builds up your soul. Be sure to pray and ask for God’s guidance as to what sections you should include, and how you should use them. All parts of the manual will probably not be used every day.

1. PRAYER JOURNAL: This section of the manual is a place to write down what God is telling you as you sit quietly before Him, what certain Bible passages mean in your life and how to live your life today.

2. COMMANDS: This section of your journal is a place to write down major guidance and direction that you receive from God. This may be in regard to major life changes, or major changes in your attitude, or ongoing ministries or tasks that He may want you to repeat on an ongoing basis. It may be helpful to date the commands and also leave space for the results of obeying the command. Always leave a space after major commands, so you can write down confirmation of the command that you receive from other people or circumstances or God in a special way.

3. PSALMS: This section is for writing down what you learn about God from the Psalms, so that you can better worship Him during your time alone with Him.

4. BIBLE STUDY: This section is for writing down notes and applications from your study of the Bible.

5. PRAYER LIST/MINISTRY NOTES: This section is for writing down prayer requests for your friends, and as you mature, information on the ministry God has called you to serve or lead in.
Exercise to receive an imperishable prize!

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