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As the wise men sought Jesus, seek wisdom from God
We have provided some programs for keeping yourself spiritually fit. There is nothing better than having a well-toned soul! If you want to excel in a high-level athletic contest you MUST complete rigorous, well-guided training. Yet an equally basic yet commonly ignored principle is that you need to train and keep training to excel in the spiritual event called LIFE!!

The “4Wisdom.org Fitness Center” provides a spiritual training program to get you spiritually fit and keep you spiritually fit. It starts with some “easy” workouts and then takes you into some heavier exercises, as your faith grows stronger. Finally, we share some advanced “workouts” for those who have completed the basic and intermediate sections.

Please be sure to read the Workout Guidelines first. Then dive into the workouts listed below in the Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced sections.
Exercise to receive an imperishable prize!
Everyone who competes in the games exercises self-control in all things. They then do it to receive a perishable wreath, but we an imperishable.
1 Corinthians 9:25 NASB
Exercise to receive an imperishable prize!
Workout Guidelines
1. These programs are only SUGGESTIONS to help you be fit spiritually. You must pray and ask for God’s guidance about what He wants you to do.

2. Never substitute spiritual activity for a true relationship and fellowship with God. Don’t just go through these exercises to feel good about yourself or to become prideful about what you can do. Through these activities, you should be drawing closer to God, be more at peace, have more of the fruit of the Spirit evident in your life (Galatians 5:22-23) and be serving others better. If these things aren’t happening, then you need to ask God to search your heart and reveal what is going on inside.

3. DON’T BE LEGALISTIC. If you miss some of the workouts or go through a dry spell don’t beat yourself up or allow guilt to hinder you. We all fall short sometimes, but Jesus has died for all our sins and he is there to help us. Also, God may have special things for you to do in a given week or month which cause you to concentrate on one or two areas of spiritual growth. Sometimes He just has different plans for you, which preclude you from doing a lot of the things you would normally do in a week.

4. BE REALISTIC: Don’t start with too ambitious of a spiritual program and then give up completely after you can’t maintain the pace. That’s why the program is set up in basic to advanced stages. Also, some of the things in the intermediate and advanced stages can’t be completed until you’ve completed the things in the previous stages. Finally, due to sickness or major problems, you may need to cut back on some of your activities until you recuperate.

5. LET THE SPIRIT GUIDE YOU: It would be a good thing to review all of the workouts and see what you might be doing, as you become more spiritually fit. God may guide you to skip ahead and pick out some of the activities in the Intermediate and advanced sections, to do now.
Our prayer is that the “workouts” listed below will help you to love the Lord with stronger hearts, souls and minds!
Exercise to receive an imperishable prize!
After you have become comfortable in Basic Workouts, you will probably want to start building your own "Exercise Manual". See the section below on that topic.

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