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Spiritual Leadership
As the wise men sought Jesus, seek wisdom from God
You are probably on this section, because you are considering spiritual leadership, or are already a spiritual leader. Be encouraged! For the apostle Paul says “Here is a trustworthy saying: If anyone sets his heart on being an overseer, he desires a noble task.” We hope this section spurs you on and guides you in becoming a spiritual leader. Just click on the titles of the books/information below to investigate ordering it and having it delivered to your home.
May the Spirit fill your sails on life's adventure
Spiritual Leadership
By Oswald Sanders
PROBLEM: Should you become a spiritual leader? If you are one, how can you be a better spiritual leader? In “Spiritual Leadership” Sanders offers some keen insights. One of which is: Patience. A good leader leads by persuasion rather than command, which requires patience. Sanders offers the example of Hudson Taylor, the great missionary to China in a quote by D. E. Hoste: “Again and again he was obliged either to greatly modify or lay aside projects which were sound and helpful but met with determined opposition… Later, in answer to patient continuance in prayer, many of [these] projects were [put into] effect.”

This nugget alone is worth the price of the book, but it is just a small part of what makes this book a great help to those who are considering leadership in the church, or who are already leading.

PROBLEM: How can the Church get more men and women to be spiritual leaders? Oswald first affirms the honorability of aspiring to leadership and defines holy ambition. He encourages the timid to consider leadership. He then reveals Jesus’ teaching on leadership and Jesus’ example. Following that are sections on Paul’s and Peter’s teaching on leadership. Sanders also includes sections on the character of a leader and the tests and perils of leadership. He finishes with the example of Nehemiah, one of the great leaders of the Old Testament.

Throughout the book, Sanders shares insights from some of the greatest Christian leaders. Each chapter provides excellent references to carry a reader further into many areas of Christian leadership.

Spiritual Leadership provides answers about becoming a great spiritual leader. More than that, it is a portal to provide deeper growth in specific areas of the life of a spiritual leader.

So, whether you are just considering becoming a spiritual leader, or have been one for some time, this book will be a great benefit for you!
May the Spirit fill your sails on life's adventure

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