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As the wise men sought Jesus, seek wisdom from God
You feel that God is nudging you to consider a mission to reach out to and help people that are of a different language or culture, possibly far away from your home. But you wonder: What is it like to be a missionary across languages and cultures? What special talents and abilities are required? What will be the special challenges that you will face? The information in the section below is designed to answer these questions. But most importantly, we hope you will learn the kind of relationship with your Father that is required to minister wherever you are. Just click on the titles of the books/information below to investigate ordering it and having it delivered to your home.
May the Spirit fill your sails on life's adventure
“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…”
Matthew 28:19
May the Spirit fill your sails on life's adventure
Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret
By Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor
PROBLEM: How to aspire to or have more effective service or missionary effort for God

One of the best ways to learn is by following the example of another. So, if you want to learn about being a missionary, read this book about Hudson Taylor. He set a wonderful example as he individually evangelized, and then as the leader of the China Inland Mission reached out to the people he loved so much, the Chinese. Through trials and sickness, loss of children and wives, many times in physical danger, Hudson Taylor continued to abundantly serve Jesus and his fellow man.

Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret tells how Hudson Taylor was very fruitful for God in opening China up to the gospel. HOWEVER, THE OVERRIDING PURPOSE OF THIS BOOK IS TO INSPIRE IN THE READER A DESIRE TO ABIDE IN JESUS. To continually drink from Him and have all thirsts and needs met by Him so that a river of life flows from you (John 7:37-38).

So, read this book, and follow Hudson Taylor’s example and drink deeply from Jesus. When a river of Life is flowing from you and Jesus Christ is everything to you, how can you NOT be fruitful in ministry and missionary work?

This book is especially helpful for you, if you feel burdened down from the difficulties and responsibility of Christian leadership.
May the Spirit fill your sails on life's adventure

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