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Romantic Relationships
As the wise men sought Jesus, seek wisdom from God
Romantic relationships with the opposite sex, invoke powerful emotions and stirrings in the heart and soul and body. Therefore, it is easy to be swept into a relationship with the wrong person, or do the wrong things in a romantic relationship. The information in this section will help you learn how to choose the right kind of person to be romantically involved with and how to have the right kind of relationship. Just click on the titles of the books/information below to investigate ordering it and having it delivered to your home.
Be linked with others in loving relationships
Boundaries in Dating
By Dr. Henry Cloud and
Dr. John Townsend
PROBLEM: You pick the wrong type of person to date or pick someone who is not spiritually healthy for you to date. Or, you have had some bad dating experiences and want to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Boundaries in Dating will help you overcome your dating problems. It does this by first helping you to understand yourself and how to guard your heart and soul by setting appropriate boundaries. The book then provides insightful guidelines on whom you should date. The third part of the book helps solve dating problems when you are part of the problem. Finally, Boundaries in Dating helps you solve problems that are caused by the person you are dating.
Be linked with others in loving relationships

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