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This section is set up to help you in relationships with all people (Friendships) and relationships with the opposite sex (Romantic Relationships and Marriage). It is important to know how to establish good friendships before you move into relationships with the opposite sex, and that is why we have included the sections in this order. All of your relationships need to be set up with mutual respect and trust. The books and information in this section help you to do that. Just click on the titles of the books/information below to investigate ordering it and having it delivered to your home. Just click on the topics below for information and click on the gold key to investigate ordering the key book.
Be linked with others in loving relationships
Marriage and Relationships Topics
Be linked with others in loving relationships

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Be linked with others in loving relationships
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Secrets to Lasting Love
Uncovering the Keys To Life-Long Intimacy
By Gary Smalley
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This book teaches you how to have good communication in your marriage. There are many problems that arise from lack of good communication. The book uses examples to illustrate these problems. Gary then gives five distinct levels of communication to help couples understand at what level they are at and how to go further to the fifth intimate level.

“Secrets to Lasting Love” has some simple tests that a couple can use to determine how well they relate to each other. Further tests reveal what their spouse’s personality is, so that they can honor each other’s differences. If a couple is having difficulty in honoring each other Gary gives a chart of examples on how to change negative responses to positive responses. He helps you list what you like about your spouse and how well you handle trials in your marriage to reveal how much you honor your spouse. Gary encourages you to keep an “honor book” so you will value your partner more.

Gary then talks about communication and answers questions such as: “How do you really listen?” and “What can improve my listening skills?” Gary then defines different listening levels and teaches how to be the best listener for your spouse. Different styles of speech also contribute to positive or negative feelings in your relationship and Gary helps you develop better styles.

The book also contains information on the seven love needs that can recharge your spouse. Gary gives you some example of women’s needs and men’s needs so you can start thinking about meeting your spouse’s needs. If you spend twenty minutes a day and use the ideas presented in this book, you can begin to uncover the keys you need to have life-long intimacy in your marriage.

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