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We know that you don’t have a lot of spare time or money to burn in solving your problems! So, with one click you can go to a place where you can order your book or literature and have it delivered directly to your home in a few days. When you click on a title to order it, you will be taken to Amazon.com or Christianbook.com or a page on this site, where you can review pricing and shipping information.

But what information should you order?! The next six sections tell how 4Wisdom.org web site helps you in special ways.

May God bless you richly, and we hope to see you at the finish line in heaven!

We're here to help you!
General Information
The Home Page (which can be reached by the link at the bottom of each page) shows various problem areas or topics that you can click on. Each topic has a guide and sections which further divide the information. Each topic has a key book, which is the one we would suggest reading, if that were the only book you were to read. Each topic is also set up in a logical order to help you find information. For a little extra fun, we've put some messages in the divider bars of each topic and section.
We're here to help you!
Search Box

Search For:
The search box enables you to type in a problem and find the place on the web site that deals with it. Also, the search box can help you find a specific book if you know the title, or author.
Note: if you get too many matches, under New Search in the "find" box, choose "as a phrase" and this will narrow your search.
We're here to help you!
Ma and Pa Bookstore
Ever have a problem or something that’s bothering you, and wanted some information or in-depth advice? But maybe you didn’t know whom to ask, or what book might help you. And if you found a book on the subject, how would you know if it had basic information or was a more advanced book on the topic? Ask John and Laurell for some help.

We have set up our small but rich bookstore to help you get the book or literature or film that best meets your needs. We’ve personally read and reviewed all of the information on our site. Our emphasis is on quality not quantity, and we’ve only included just the right amount of excellent literature so you can more easily find what you need. Also, we’ve arranged the books in each problem area from more basic to advanced so that you can get a book that fits you like a glove.

We can both testify, that the books and movies that we've assembled on our site have had a tremendous impact on our lives.
We're here to help you!
Spiritual "Hardware Store"
One of my favorite stores is the local hardware store. I’m not a handyman by any stretch of the imagination! So, when I go into the store with a house maintenance problem I usually look for one of the friendly employees and ask for help. I explain my problem or the equipment I’m looking for and then ask for their advice. Many times, the knowledgeable employee will tell me of a better way to solve my problem. Or she will tell me of a different piece of equipment to buy. Or, he’ll explain that before I fix something I must prepare it in a certain way or fix something else first.

As you look for the solution to a problem at 4Wisdom.org web site, we might humbly suggest along the way, that perhaps you should also consider “fixing” something else first. Or perhaps you should prepare for the solution by learning about something else also.
We're here to help you!
Spiritual Fitness Center
If you want to excel in a high-level athletic contest you MUST complete rigorous, well-guided training. Yet an equally basic yet commonly ignored principle is that you need to train and keep training to excel in the spiritual event called LIFE!!

The “4Wisdom.org Fitness Center” provides a spiritual training program to get you spiritually fit and keep you spiritually fit. It starts with some “easy” workouts and then takes you into some heavier exercises, as your faith grows stronger. Finally, we share some advanced “workouts” for those who have completed the basic and intermediate sections. Just click on the title above to go to the fitness center.
We're here to help you!
Spiritual Growth Plan
If you want to be proficient at something in a relatively short period of time you might choose to enter a special school for that subject. In our 4Wisdom.org growth plan we have set up a program of books reviewed on the site that will systematically help a Christian grow in her/his faith and understanding. By following this course, you can become well-rounded, and solid in the Christian faith. Just click on the title above to go to the Growth Plan.
We're here to help you!

Amazon.com book selling site
Great places to order your books! Just click through on any of the titles or gold keys on our site to get to the exact page where the book or movie is being sold.
ChristianBook.com book selling site

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