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Healing from God
As the wise men sought Jesus, seek wisdom from God
Often times our current problems spring from problems in our developing years. But God can heal you of things that are rooted deep in your past. This section provides you with information on overcoming the problems of the past so you can be a maturing, solid disciple of Christ. Just click on the titles of the books/information below to investigate ordering it and having it delivered to your home.
God, Who comforts us in all our trroubles
Changes that Heal
By Dr. Henry Cloud
PROBLEM: You have not properly bonded with other people and this affects your relationships with people and with God. You are emotionally hurt as a result of this problem.

This book presents biblical solutions for emotional problems caused by your past. It helps you understand certain basic developmental tasks that you did not complete during your childhood. Examples of this are: Bonding to Others, Separating from Others, Sorting Out Good and Bad, and Becoming an Adult. Dr. Cloud then provides you with skills to complete these important developmental tasks so you can more fully grow in Christ. Josh McDowell says that next to the Bible, this book has affected him more than any other one.
God, Who comforts us in all our trroubles

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