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Hi John,
I really enjoyed reading True Power; I'm a guy that for the past twenty
years the only reading material has been limited to technical books and
or articles, this science fiction of yours brought me back to the source
and made me rethink of the only Master. John, it wasn't only by
coincidence that on the Flight from Paris to Cincinnati, our seating
arrangement made me meeting you, I needed some serenity in my life and
your book achieved it; Chapter 33 even brought some tears in my eyes.
John, keep up the good work you started with True Power and let me know
when future books are in production.
May God bless you and your family.
-Jean Bureau, Aeronautical Engineer, Oregon

"It's as good as anything I've ever read! Very Creative! NEVER a dull moment!"
-Mike Heath, Technologist, Menasha, Wisconsin

"This book ranks with many books that I have read. I would consider it comparable to many of the good books I've read. -Cliff Latham, Pilot, Kentucky

"John Dwiggins is a good fiction writer and keeps you poised on the edge of your seat."
-Scott Huber, Missionary, Deltona, Florida

"Congratulations on a fine piece of work!"
-Brendon Ribble, Research Scientist, Menasha, Wisconsin

"John did an admirable job of putting True Power together. The ending was quite unexpected!
-Professor Fred Ahrens, Atlanta, Georgia

"It's the best book I've ever read!!"
-Robby Graupner, Jr. High School Student, Neenah, Wisconsin

"What a pleasure it was to read. The story line flowed smoothly and the characters were well developed. I found that I could not put the book down and read late into the night. I'm looking forward to your next book. Well done!!!
-Craig Teronde, Insurance agent, Neenah, Wisconsin

"I was impressed. It's a different kind of book but it was really interesting. I enjoyed it. I hope you come out with a sequel soon!
-Dick Wylie, Technologist, Neenah, Wisconsin

"One of my students read True Power for my high school English class. He gave a book report on it in class and I could tell he was excited about the book. I can't wait till I find time to read it myself."
-Dave Werner, Teacher, Kaukauna, Wisconsin

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